Authored by Melissa Haddad on February 1 2021

3 Ways to Find Your Passion

I have something to confess to you, I have lost that loving feeling, but it’s not gone (gone, gone, and yes, I know I’ve now caused you an earworm!). What am I referring to you may be asking?  I’m referring to my business and how I’m feeling during this pandemic. I know it’s a faux pas to mention our current situation in most marketing content, but if I don’t say this now, it will not be said and we have to talk about that elephant in the room.

We are coming up to a year that we have been in this pandemic and I will say whole heartedly that I thought, momentarily, that this year would be better.  And I’m sure it will be, BUT, so far I haven’t been feeling it.  In fact, I’ve felt very frustrated about all of Ontario, we are in our second lockdown and have been since December 26. I had such hopes and right now, I am feeling discouraged.  I even told my husband that I’ve losing the love and passion (for my business, not him!) I have felt for the past 6 year and I’m being faced with the question, “How do I get it back?”

After confessing all of this out loud to a few people, I have realized that it’s up to me to rediscover the passion and therefore, have to focus on whatever it takes to bring it back. Here are 3 ways to find your passion for your business.

  1. What’s your why? Why did you start your business?  Why do you continue to do what you do?  Becoming clear on why you started and why you have continued til now will help you truly understand why, or if, you want to continue. 

  2. Figure out what you love to do and focus on that. The evolution from start-up to solopreneur to small business is very different. There are aspects of your business that you do during start-up, but don’t do (or shouldn’t do) when you have grown into a small business with a team. You will want to focus on the tasks you enjoy doing and are great at, and spend less time and energy  focusing on the tasks that you don’t enjoy but are needed to run your business.

  3. Get the right support. Getting a Virtual Assistant, Marketing Team, Website Developer, etc. will help you focus on the things that you want to do by clearing away distractions. They are great at what they do so you can be great at what you do.

During times like these, as well as other points throughout your years of being in business, you will have doubts, fear and even feel burnt out.  That is absolutely natural and part of being a business owner. Life happens and can take over and drain you to the point that you’ll want to throw in the towel.  That’s EXACTLY when you need to pivot and focus on something in your business that you love. That’s EXACTLY when you will want to create a new program or get help to offload some of the tasks that don’t bring you joy or don’t fuel your passion.

Don’t give up, lose heart, or lose your passion!  You started your business for a reason and if that reason still exists, it’s still what fuels your passion.

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