Authored by Melissa Haddad on September 1, 2020

Know Your Strengths, Outsource Your Weaknesses

If you are like me, you had a job or a career in the corporate world before you started your business. At some point you would have had an interview and they would have asked something like, “Please tell me some of your strengths.” followed by, “Please tell me at least one of your weaknesses.” And if you were anything like me, you fluffed your way through it. 

Over my many years of owning my own business, I have participated in a number of Strength Assessments at various stages in my business. All of those assessments supported the same results, even though they focus on different modalities. I was able to understand what my strengths were and how to use those strengths to help me grow my business. I was also able to learn what my weaknesses are so that I can build my team to support me. 

Here are 3 Strength Assessments that I have taken and what modalities they focus on. 

  1. StrengthsFinder 2.0. This Assessment goes hand and hand with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 book from Gallup. This is based on theme words which explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave. 

  2. Kolbe A Index. This Assessment is based on your instincts and what you most gravitate towards, it measures a person’s conative strengths, not skills or personality. 

  3. DiSC. This Assessment is based on a four dimensional model that identifies different personality styles which are based on your perception. 

Each of these Assessments told me similar things in different ways, which allowed me to have a deeper understanding of who I am, my strengths, my weaknesses, and explaining the “why” I do what I do. The key to all of this is to understand that we are not meant to do everything, let alone do everything well.  It’s not because we don’t know how, or that we can’t learn how, but we want to ensure we are doing what we are meant to do for us.  Leverage our strengths to our own best advantage. 

“Being a control freak is a weakness, not a strength. If you can't allow others to shine, you're exhibiting signs of narcissism and showing a lack of self-confidence. It is isolation through ego.”― Stewart Stafford 

Being weaker in one area doesn’t necessarily mean you need to improve in that topic, it means you should look at building your team with strengths in that realm in order to get it done right. You need to be confident in the strengths that led you to start your business.  And you need a Virtual Assistant, or multiple Virtual Assistants, to assist you in those weaker areas that are still essential to your business.

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