Authored by Melissa Haddad on October 01 2020

3 Ways to Pivot Your Business to Survive Another Lockdown

Here we are, the last quarter of 2020. There has been so much that has happened this year and although it’s certainly not what we had planned, we only have 3 months left to go. Are you going to make them count?  With the number of cases rising and the threat of another lockdown looming, we can only assume this situation is going to continue into the New Year.

How will you pivot your business to survive?  I have taken notice of many large businesses that have folded and many more small ones, which is heartbreaking. I have been fortunate enough to get through this with a few challenging moments only. And yet, even with this, I am considering ways to move forward for the New Year to ensure I thrive in 2021.

Here are 3 Ways to Pivot Your Business to Survive Another Lockdown.

  1. Move everything online. For some, this may be easier than some others, but stay with me. If your business depends on purchasing products that you would find in a store, this may be the time to consider having an online store. If your business is providing in-home services such as decorator or contractor, although you are unable to do these things on lockdown, you can still do a DIY video series to help home owners during lockdown. This is a chance to showcase your expertise and build your sales funnel to gain new leads for next year. Whatever you do, think outside the box and consider ways to keep your relevant and leads coming in. 

  2. Consider adding complimentary services to your business. Similar to above, there are ways to make money online within your business, you simply have to use some creativity and imagination. For those decorators mentioned before, perhaps there’s a way you can do online consultations for various spaces and charge a fee for that service. For Professional Organizers, with everyone home, space is going to be an essential commodity; perhaps you can offer downloadable PDF checklists, for a small fee, of everything to consider when organizing an area for maximum space. Remember, many people will be in their homes again with the colder weather coming.  This might be a great time for you to offer these tips for homeowners, to allow enough time for them to gather the items needed to get implement your suggestions. 

  3. Start from scratch…online. I can relate to those that have lost their livelihoods. After losing my last two corporate jobs, I was faced with a decision on what to do next, along with having a huge financial hardship for 6 months following. That is when I decided to start my business.  But I had no clients to start with to earn money, so I simply focused on what I could do until I did, knowing, ‘If I built it, they would come.’ Perhaps, this is where you are: faced with what’s next and how do you build something from scratch. Look at what you enjoy doing - hobbies are a great place to start. Reinventing yourself is the entrepreneurial way, so if you have that spirit, you will succeed. 

Although it has been said many times, “we are in this together”, we are and yet we’re not. We are all going through this pandemic, but we are not going through it in the same way. I have had many moments of sadness, anger and high anxiety, but I have also had many laughs, accomplishments and a ton of successes. I have had to pivot, accept and give myself permission to allow myself to feel all the emotions. Perhaps you have had many of these moments too.

Whatever you decide, just don’t stop.  Find a way to get to where you want and need to go – explore a new path. You may not agree with our Government’s decisions and you may have your beliefs on this situation, but this is where we are and we have to survive…our businesses and our health, so consider ways to do that.  If you need help, please know that Efficient Business Solutions is willing to help you. All you have to do is ask!

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