Authored by Melissa Haddad on March 01 2020

3 Smart Strategies to Build on Your Strengths

Before I started my business, I worked my way up and through the corporate world as an Administrative and Executive Assistant for over 20 years. During that time and before my last two jobs, I changed companies every 3 years.  Why, because I thought I was climbing the corporate ladder by learning as much as I could, which would eventually lead to landing that perfect company.  The company where I could start as an Executive Assistant and move into a Management position. Then reality hit, along with my life’s priorities (my family), and I realized it was not going to happen the way I thought it would.  So I settled for a steady income and benefits, until that “dried up” as well.

Having steady income and receiving benefits was fabulous, especially with one growing child and then again when I had my second child, because they needed the necessities of life.  Although I was miserable, I had to have a job and earn a living to provide for and contribute to my family. Then, when my daughter was 18 months old, the company I went back to after maternity leave packaged me out. And then the company I was with after that for 5 years and 9 months (1 week before my son started JK), packaged me out too!  So, I decided to take the experience I had gained over 20 years and build something of my own.  Something to ensure I made income but was also able to be available for my family.  And that’s when I started my Virtual Assistant business.

This is my story, although, this is the Coles Notes version. We all have a story though, and you may choose to tell yours or keep it to yourself.  I find our stories all took us through a journey that lead us to our current position and path. Stories are as unique as snowflakes because they are all different and took each of us to our passion and purpose. Despite similarities, our stories are as individual as we are, and I would encourage you to share yours.

I am grateful for the 20 years of experience I gained as it has helped me grow my business to what I want it to be. With this being said, having passion and knowing your purpose, does not necessarily translate into having the specific strengths to run your business top to bottom. I learned something else over those 20 years: we have strengths and weaknesses, and to be great at building a successful business, you need to develop your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Here are 3 Smart Strategies to Build on Your Strengths.

  1. Find out what your strengths are. Believe me, you may think you know what your strengths are, but until you hear from an expert, you only scratch the service. I have done multiple personality tests over the years, and they all have valid points to them. It was only when I did Kolbe and had an expert consultant provide me with the information, is when I really understood my strengths. I have also used StrengthFinder, which provided me with an understanding as well, but Kolbe surpassed anything I have ever used before. Do yourself a favour and find someone in your network who can do your Kolbe, I promise you will understand why. 
  2. Find joy and excitement. Understanding what parts of your business bring you joy and excitement will help you fuel you passion and in turn build your strengths. I would get excited when I have strategy calls with my clients because I am an idea’s person, so I decided to build on this strength and offer it as a service all on its own, which has opened up a whole new market to offer this service to and grow my business. 
  3. Outsource your weaknesses. Once you find out your strengths, you will want to build on them, so outsourcing your weaknesses is the smartest strategy I can recommend. Your weaknesses still need to be completed, so hiring a Virtual Assistant is a great way for these items to get done. 

Corporations have departments with Managers and Directors and the work gets done by employees. In a small business, Owners tend to be all departments, however they do not have to do the work of the employees. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, they are able to focus on their strengths and grow their business to live the life of their dreams and write their own story the way they want it to be written.

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