Authored by Melissa Haddad on July 1 2020

3 Dares to Challenge You Right Now

What if I dare you?  It may test how much of a risk taker you are…believe it or not, I never considered myself to be a risk taker and yet, here I am owning and running my own business. What risks are you willing to take with your business or brand?  Just like my business coach taught me to stretch my mind and take on new things I didn’t believe I was ready for or struggled with, a VA can help you to stretch and enhance your skills, take on a new project, or put yourself out there doing a presentation to a business group.

Let’s dare to accept that this current situation will likely go on for a while, and consider ways to turn this into your advantage. If you dare yourself to change how you can do things now from how you did things before, you will see how much more you will get out of your business for your future.

Although I help my clients to become more electronic, I hadn’t embraced all elements myself. Through the work I have done with my coach, I have committed to creating more videos, webinars and speaking engagement. Here are 3 Dares to Challenge You Right Now:

  1. I dare you to list 3 things that make you uncomfortable as it relates to your business. Let me give you an example, towards the end of last year I found my sales funnel empty. I was so focused on servicing my existing clients that I stopped marketing and I ended up losing a client. I was uncomfortable with following up with leads on a consistent basis. This has since changed as my coach made me realized I was holding onto a belief that was not true and now my sales funnel is full again.

  2. I dare you to find a new offer that is out of your comfort zone to bring in new leads. As I mentioned above, my coach encouraged me to do webinars. I developed two webinars on two very different topics for entrepreneurs. This was a process that I was unfamiliar with and therefore there was a lot of energy spent on this. Once I recorded the webinars, after a few dozen run-throughs for each, I felt like I scaled Mount Everest…it was such an accomplishment. 

  3. I dare you to start researching Virtual Assistants. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not a one-size fits all kind of thing. You want to start to understand the different types of VA’s and what they offer. You want to decide what makes the most sense for your business and your expectations. In my experience, price tends to be a factor and with this, many believe going overseas is a great idea.  You will want to consider if time-zones and/or language barriers are factors that will affect your desired outcome. Start researching now, because you want to be informed in order to feel comfortable with your decision. 

We all need to dare ourselves to do more of the things that make us uncomfortable because that is where you find growth. Whether its personal growth or business growth, being comfortable with being uncomfortable is where we need to be. If owning a business was easy, everyone would be entrepreneurs.

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