Authored by Melissa Haddad on January 01 2020

3 Actions to Take for the Biggest Growth Year YET!

Well there it went…just like that, another year has gone. This time last year I was excited by what was to come, and now that it’s gone, I will tell you confidently that it went a lot quicker than I had anticipated!  In fact, it went so quick, that as I reflect on the goals that I set, many didn’t get accomplished, and I’d like to share why.

I found a couple of quotes on Instagram that sums up my reasons why, “If you’re serious about change you have to go through uncomfortable situations. Stop trying to dodge the process. It’s the only way to grow.” And “I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.” These two quotes resonated SO loud that I had to share. I didn’t accomplish everything because sometimes I wasn’t meant to; I still had to learn more and understand about why I should accomplish those specific goals. As I reflected more, I realized that I accomplished other things that I didn’t even think were goals.

Setting goals and creating your vision is very important. What’s even more important are the actions that you take to ensure those goals and that vision are not just “a dream”, but that they will be attained. Here are 3 Actionable Ways to Achieve Your Goals.

  1. Write them down. If you are anything like me, you have a gazillion ideas in your head, which often pop in while you are just about to fall asleep. The only way to get them out of your head is to write them down. Some say you should write down your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) and some say to write down your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Me, I say just write it down; you can figure out the how, what, when and where later. 

  2. Create a Vision Board. Depending on how you process things, a Vision Board is a great way to visually see your goals. There are MANY workshops out there that you can find to help you create one. If you already know what to do, then grab some magazines, scissors, tape or glue and some sort of board and get creative.  Important note – the Vision Board must be placed so that you can quickly reference it at-a-glance.  That’s when it’s most effective. 

  3. Share your goals. If you have a Coach, Virtual Assistant, Employee or Team, share your goals with them, as they will help you be accountable (to yourself) and will even provide you with assistance to organize and plan how to achieve them. Having someone to help you achieve them and hold you accountable will push you to achieve more throughout the year. It’s also a great idea to share them with your family as well, as this will help them understand why you may have to work a bit more or at unusual times. 

We all get excited when a new year starts as it feels like a new beginning and you can start fresh with a clean slate. However, all that excitement is wasted by not actually having a plan of action, or by not actually holding yourself accountable every month or every quarter.  You will reach the end of the year feeling like you want a do over or you need the year to end quickly in order to have another chance at a new beginning.  Bad news; without a plan, this will be the case every year! 

As I said earlier, I didn’t accomplish all of the goals that I set out to achieve, however I achieved others that I didn’t even think of.  This, too, is a very important point to remember. Goals are ideas of a future or a result that you plan on achieving. Plans change!  Ideas evolve!  Opportunities arrive!  Understand that you can be flexible and change your goals anytime you want, to accommodate your evolving path.  More importantly, you want to continue to strive and grow from where you are currently.

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