Authored by Melissa Haddad on September 01 2019

5 Vital Items to Check and Update on Your Website

As we enter into the 4th quarter, and not only plan how to finish this year on a high note but also how to start the new year off right, it may be time to review your website for potential updates. Is there information there that could, and should, be changed or refreshed to make the most of your Q4?

In addition to reviewing and updating the content such as photos, videos, blogs, biography, client testimonials and the services you currently offer, there are 5 Vital Items to Check and Update on your Website.

  1. Backup your site. Before you make any changes, make sure your website it backed up. If you have a WordPress website, this usually means you need to download and install a plugin. If you have an HTML website developed by a Website Developer, ensure that regular backups are part of their maintenance plan and absolutely follow up to ensure this is actually the case. 

  2. Check your links, plugins and coding. You want to make sure that if someone visits your website and clicks on a link or a button, that they are being directed to where you want them to go. Otherwise, you may lose that prospective client due to lack of engagement. If you have a WordPress website, you want to ensure that your plugins are updated and still valid. On the backend of any website, check your HTML or source coding to ensure there are no messy or broken codes that will affect anything visually, as well as from an SEO ranking perspective.

  3. Update and test your forms. This is a great time to review your contact forms, lead magnet pop-up forms, questionnaires and landing pages to ensure they are current, relevant and provide you with the information you need to track your sales leads. This would also be a great time to find where you can automate your onboarding process.

  4. Check your website analytics. If you don’t already have website analytics, I would recommend that you set up Google Analytics on your website. Once they are set up, make a point of checking on them either monthly or once each quarter. This will help you understand which pages are the most popular and generate the most engagement - or, on the opposite end of the scale, which pages have the least.

  5. Review your competition’s sites for ideas. This will keep you informed as to what initiatives your competition is implementing. This is not meant to copy or mimic your competition, it’s meant to assist with maintaining your competitive advantage in your field or niche. You may also see something you like visually on their site that helps you articulate your vision on your website. Again this is not to copy or mimic, it’s to help you create and articulate your vision within your own messaging.

It is vital to ensure your website it maintained, secure and up to date as it’s an important piece of your marketing strategy. It’s not the only piece, however, so your time should not be spent “playing” around with it endlessly. These updates would be better suited for your website developer or Virtual Assistant to complete for you. 

Review your site for content, visual appeal and messaging, but the implementation of all of these items should be delegated to an expert to ensure everything is done correctly and in half the time it would take you.

We have a team of professionals who specialize in the development and updating of WordPress websites as well as other website platforms. To hear more about how we can help, please contact us for a Discovery Call and we will set you up to hit the ground running for the new year.

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