Authored by Melissa Haddad on August 01 2019

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a System for Your Business

When I was taught math in school, I had a challenging time understanding some of the concepts until I learned algebra, then it started to make sense.  You see, once I realized that the equals sign truly meant that on either side it had to balance similar to a scale, it just clicked and made more sense.  I also realized that there is more than one way to get the same answer and I have carried that philosophy forward into my life and my business.

When a client or connection asks what I would recommend for a CRM system, I do have my preference, however the answer is usually, “it all depends on your business”.  You see, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution; there are systems that I recommend any business to have, like a CRM system, however there are a multitude of choices out there with various options as well as price points.  Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a System for your Business.

  1. What do I actually need?  If you are anything like me, shiny objects are lovely, however they truly distract you from making the right decision.  It’s best to look at your business as a whole entity and see if you are looking at Band-Aid solutions or something that will help you in many areas of your business.  When people say I need a CRM, I probe further and ask what they need to do with it.  Sometimes I hear from their answers that they only need a basic CRM and sometimes I hear that they need a CRM, email marketing, project management etc., and that’s when I start to determine they need more than just a CRM system.

  2. What is my budget?  There are so many systems out there, some are free, some are low cost, some are reasonably priced and then others are priced very high.  With any business owner, budget is always part of the decision-making and that is absolutely the way it should be.  Look at ROI rather than what it’s going to cost.  If one system can automate you and save you time to grow your business and make more money, the ROI is invaluable.  If you are using many systems and you are in and out of windows and platforms, you are wasting money, even if the system is free, as you are wasting your time and time IS money.

  3. Will this grow as I grow?  Sometimes we make decisions based on our present situation and we forget to take into consideration where we want to go or to be in the future.  Our business evolves based on our personal development, opportunities and vision.  Buying into a system for your present situation can lead to time wasted in setting up and learning a new system again in future, or data loss when you decide to upgrade to that more robust system.  Think about choosing a system that you can grow into, allowing integrations and optional add-ons to be used in various ways to maintain your important data.

No two businesses run their operations the same way.  There are thousands of Virtual Assistants across Canada, the United States and across the globe and, although the concept of our businesses may be the same, we all offer different services, expertise and pricing models.  It is likely that we use some of the same systems, perhaps not in the same capacity, so we don’t all need the exact same systems.  Choosing the right system for your business will save you time, money and aggravation.

At Efficient Business Solutions we help our clients find the right tools based on working with them in their business.  In our experience, understanding the process will show us what is needed to improve upon that process and then adapt the process to accommodate the system, which usually saves time by automating parts of the operation.

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