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"Professional team with high standards, efficient processes, and excellent customer service - what more could you ask from your VA team!  EBS team lead by warm hearted Melissa has helped us enormously in multiple of research, outreach, and event organizing projects. I highly recommend EBS team!"
Marika, GRIT Online, Oakville, Ontario

"Melissa worked with Humanist Canada for over a year.  During that time, Melissa instrumental in getting our administrative processes under control and functioning.  She was able to learn a new program allowing her to process financial transactions and send out charitable receipts.  She also learned the reporting module allowing her to create “on the fly” reports needed for our various purposes.  She was the front line person for all phone calls and internet messages.  She was able to deal with these message swiftly and followed up so our members were never left without an answer in a timely fashion.  Melissa is responsive, knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with.  Should you find yourself in need of Melissa’s services, you will have found a very capable person to help you."
~ Ruth Henrich, Humanist Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

“Melissa and Efficient Business Solutions are an instrumental piece of growing my business.  Having the comfort that my client inquiries are handled professionally and personally in a timely manner allows me to focus on growth opportunities and servicing my clients.  I get to do what I’m great at…Mediation, leaving Melissa to focus on what she is great at…Client Service and Administration.”
 ~ Julie Gill Q.Med, CDFA, Families First Mediation, Whitby, Ontario

"I am very excited to get started using Melissa (MH Virtual Assistant Services) as my new VA (Virtual Assistant).  Her enthusiasm for making my company succeed puts a brand new fire under me."
~ John Riley, Riley's Window Cleaning, Toronto, Ontario

"Melissa at Efficient Business Solutions was instrumental in preparing me for the next level in my business. She improved my business flow, allowed me to concentrate on growth and ran my business so that I could focus on my passions. My client’s loved her and I knew she was always on every situation that came across her desk. I trusted her to get things done."
~ Shannon Ross, Cool House Media, Bowmanville, Ontario

“Melissa (Efficient Business Solutions) has been instrumental in helping me to get rid of stress out of my life and let me do the things in my business that I enjoy.  She is enthusiastic and eager to take on any task I throw at her and isn’t bogged down by using any particular type of software which is extremely useful to me since I don’t have the time to learn new software.  Melissa’s ability to make suggestions for changes and improvements to my business practices are a much valued asset.  She is always easy to talk with either by phone or email and will continue to be an amazing member of my team.  Thanks Melissa!”
~ Lucienne Van Langen, Luminary Design, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"I see the value in how (Melissa) treats what she does as a business, how pleasant she is on the phone, how great her grammar is and I don't have to be embarrassed in front of my clients, how quick she is to grasp everything, how efficient she is, how she comes up with great ideas for pop by gifts, how well versed she is in social media and much more."
~ Alina Spector, Re/Max Premier, Thornhill, Ontario

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