Our HistoryWhen Melissa Haddad was packaged out of her corporate job due to restructuring, little did she know about the path that was set before her.  For over 20 years, she worked as an Administrative/Executive Assistant for a medium to large corporation.  During those years, Melissa had observed the way certain management decisions were made and thought they were never really taking into consideration the “front line” employees or the customers.  She continually witnessed the effects of poor management decisions, which inevitably lead to very upset customers expressing that they felt "unheard" and "unvalued".

Over time, Melissa realized how feeling valued as a customer had a much greater impact on the overall environment of the corporation and its' employees.  Having being one of the employees, she would encounter much of this herself, so without hesitation, she did her very best to make their experience more positive so as to alleviate the customer's belief that they were being betrayed by a company they spent years with.

Melissa's innate passion for helping people was taken a step further after she realized that she no longer wanted to be a part of an organization where customer loyalty was not a priority.  When Melissa started Efficient Business Solutions (formerly MH Virtual Assistant Service), she focused her energy on helping her clients gain and maintain valuable customers and to show them that they are truly valued.

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