Date Posted: May 01 2022

How to Use a Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs and business owners will know what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do, but they likely will not know how, or are actually afraid, to use one.  Unless they have used one previously, or witnessed a VA working for someone close to them, there is a fear of the unknown. The most common fear hurdle we encounter with clients is that they don’t know how to utilize and leverage us to grow their business when we first start working with them and sometimes it takes up to three months to get settled on all of this, but it doesn’t have to.

The best way to ensure you utilize your newly hired VA is to prepare yourself and your company for a Virtual Assistant before you actually decide to work with them.

In our February blog, How to Get More Done in Your Business in Less Time, our very first point is to make a list of tasks to delegate to your new VA…we have helped get you started by providing a list of the Top Tasks to Give a Virtual Assistant on our website that you can sign up to receive.

In addition to this list, we recommend the following;

  • Take a week in your business and list all of the things that you do based on your own process and instincts.
  • Go through that list and highlight revenue generating activities.
  • Take the remainder of the list and separate them into different groups such as; general admin, customer service, technology, marketing, special projects, financial and operations

Doing this activity will allow you to see the tasks you need to focus on (revenue generation) and what your new VA will focus on. The next step is to prioritize these tasks of importance. As an example, if you have a specific project that needs to be completed before a routine daily task, you will want to highlight that as a top priority.

One last step you will want to take has to do with documenting your processes. This will allow you to simply hand off any tasks to your VA without delay. You will still need to walk through the task with them once, possibly using Zoom to record the process for them to refer back to. The most common delay is due to the entrepreneur having all of their processes “in-their-head” and not written down.

When you prepare for assistance, you will soon realize that had you done it any other way, you would have wasted so much more time and paid more money for something that could have been avoided.

Efficient Business Solutions can help you create your empire by building your team. Use our virtual team to expand your operational capacity and get more done faster, without taking on human resource expenses. We understand your struggles because we are business owners just like you.

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