Date Posted: February 01 2022

How to Get More Done in Your Business in Less Time

Before you became a business owner, when you worked a job, did you ever find yourself waiting for the next long weekend just so you have a four day work week?  When you started your business, did you think you would be able to do this and still make as much money as you wanted?  When was the last time you worked a four day work week since you started your business?  We imagine it is not something that is consistent in your life, especially if you are still doing everything in your business yourself.

“Work smart not hard” seems to be a common mantra that many business coaches continually say, so the question is, “how do you get more done in less time?” It’s summed up in one word…delegate! 

That’s it. That’s the answer. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. Here is how you’re going to get more done in your business in less time.

  1. Make a list. You are going to make a list of tasks to delegate. If you don’t know where to start, you can go to our website and get our free downloadable Top Tasks to Give a Virtual Assistant. This is a very comprehensive list, however you may not know where your tasks fall, so you can use our list to help you develop your own.

  2. Ask your network for recommendations. We recommend you ask your network for recommendations of who they believe can assist you. Take all of the recommendations and do your own research by reviewing websites, social media platforms including LinkedIn to see if what they offer is what you need and to see if you “feel” drawn to someone’s presence.

  3. Set up a call/meeting with them. Efficient Business Solutions offers a free 30 minute Discovery Call which is meant to see if we’re a good fit to work together. You want to have something similar with anyone you reach out to as it allows you to speak to them, ask them questions and hear how the respond to your questions. 

  4. Think investment vs. expense. Hiring the right person will be an investment into your business and you want to make sure that you are going to get a return on your investment. Remember what your objective is, you want to work smart not hard and get more done in less time, therefore you want someone who you feel comfortable with and that you feel is capable to run your business when you are away. Think value for your money. 

  5. Let go of control. This is an important point simply because many entrepreneurs have “type A” personalities and tend to micro-manage. Our recommendation is to have consistent weekly check-ins, at least for the first month or so, to review the tasks and train your assistant on anything that they do not know. Once they know how to do tasks and even have a regular routine, you will be able to start to let go and even start working your four days per week. 

You don’t have to work as hard in your business as long as you delegate tasks to someone else. Once you start, you won’t want to stop and if you hire the right person, you will soon realize that they can run your business without you while you focus on business development and generating revenue.

Efficient Business Solutions can help you create your empire by building your team. Use our virtual team to expand your operational capacity and get more done faster, without taking on human resource expenses. We understand your struggles because we are business owners just like you.

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