Date Posted: June 01 2022

How to Delegate in 3 Easy Steps

What stops you from delegating tasks?  Is it control?  Is it trust?  Is it that you are too busy?  Or is it that you are unprepared or disorganized?  Whatever your reason, and it could be all of these and more, they are holding you back from growing.

Delegation is a critical life skill. As a parent, you delegate chores to your children and as a wife or husband you may even delegate tasks to your spouse, so why is it so challenging to delegate tasks within your business? 

By delegating tasks, you open yourself up to focus on the tasks and responsibilities that you want to do that ACTUALLY need your attention. You also expand your own capacity, for example, when you delegate chores to your children, you expand the chores that are able to get done in the day by dividing them up, so by the time you are all finished, the entire house has been dusted, swept, vacuumed, mopped, the laundry is washed, dried and put away, the dishes are clean and put away, and well, you get the picture.

We are going to share with you how to delegate to a Virtual Assistant in 3 simple steps.

  1. Trust. Some of you are saying, “How do I trust them if I don’t know them?” If you have been keeping up with our blogs, you know that we have shared with you How to Get More Done in Your Business in Less Time, where we shared with you how to find the right VA for you. If you do what we recommend, it’s more about do you trust yourself?  Trust yourself and go ahead and trust who you have hired, unless they have given you a reason not to trust them. 

  2. Let go of control. We continue to say this because we encounter micro-managers and it does not help any situation. We recommend that you set up a standing weekly or bi-weekly call/meeting, to keep the lines of communication open, now this does not have to be a forever thing, it’s just until you know that they are able to manager situations on their own and that does take a few months or more to really get to that stage. You may want to consider using text, Slack, or a messaging app like WhatsApp, to be available for anything that comes up for a quick turnaround. 

  3. Use the tools of the trade. Utilizing the right systems to share documents, keep track of the tasks assigned and to overall feel confident that things are getting completed on time and to the standard you require, will help you and your VA be more efficient. Whether you use Dropbox or Google Drive to share your documents or a project or task management system to assign tasks to each other, these will simply help you see where things are without micromanaging your assistant. 

Delegation is absolutely imperative when growing your business to where you need to scale it to accommodate the growth. When this happens, you want to transition into the CEO role instead of the “DO EVERYTHING” role. A CEO does not answer phones directly, their assistant answers it and schedules an appointment for the CEO to have a call later.

Mindset is the biggest hurdle when deciding to make this transition. If you have never managed others, it’s challenging to see where you and they fit in together, and that can be overwhelming and even to the point where fear kicks in and you start to pull back from the idea altogether. All you need to do is plan. Plan everything out and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more you will get done…you may even be able to take a vacation without it being a working vacation.

Did you know that Efficient Business Solutions can help you plan everything out?  With our VIP Strategy Session, we can help you figure out all of the pieces you need to move forward.

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