Date Posted: March 01 2022

Can you afford a Virtual Assistant

What do a Business Coach, an Accountant, and a Virtual Assistant have in common?  They are all valuable resources in your business. A Business Coach helps you see things that you are unable to see yourself, which will prevent growth in your business. An Accountant ensures your bookkeeping, HST filings and income taxes are accurate in order to save you from audits or paying back income taxes. A Virtual Assistant helps you expand your operational capacity and saves you from having to do every task in and on your business. All of these people are investments into your business.

Still not convinced?  Let us break it down more for you.

On average, a standard work day is 8 hours long. If you work those 8 hours and take a half hour for lunch, that brings your total to 7.5 hours. If you bill hourly at $100 per hour and you work 7.5, you will make $750 per day. In those 7.5 hours, you would only be able to work on billable client work, so what happens to business development, such as marketing content and any other tasks that bring prospective clients into your sales funnel?  Do you want to work an additional 4 hours per day to complete everything? 

Take the scenario above and discuss bringing on a Virtual Assistant to help you with the tasks that you do not have time for. This Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is $50 and you decide to purchase their smallest package of 10 hours, which will cost you $500 per month. This means that it would take you one day of work to pay for help.

Now that we have established you can afford it, let us explain the value you can look forward to which will make the VA an investment.

If you follow the steps that we recommend in our February blog article, How to Get More Done in Your Business in Less Time, you will be able to understand that by doing your due diligence, you will be able to hire a VA to do anything that you need completed in your business. You will have to train them on your processes and how you use the systems you use in your business and once that is completed, they will be able to run your business while you work on client deliverables and revenue growth.

You can hire multiple Virtual Assistants who focus on different areas to expand your capacity even more. When you hire Efficient Business Solutions, you get a whole team under one roof. This will ensure that the strategies developed will be in line with your goals and vision to run your business efficiently.

Efficient Business Solutions can help you create your empire by building your team. Use our virtual team to expand your operational capacity and get more done faster, without taking on human resource expenses. We understand your struggles because we are business owners just like you.

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