Author: Melissa Haddad
Date Posted: February 01 2020

3 Actions to Take for the Biggest Growth Year YET!

Efficient Business Solutions is celebrating 5 Years of being in business this month.  According to a statistic I found of all small businesses that started in 2014…I know I started in 2015…only 56% of start-up businesses have made it to their 5th year!  I have made sure my company was part of moving beyond this statistic.

You may or may not know this, but I worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as an Administrative and Executive Assistant.  During that time, I had contemplated starting a business 4 times with different ideas; wedding planner, event planner, professional organizer and baker of homemade cookies and cupcakes.  Between not knowing how to start and dealing with life’s responsibilities, I decided a full-time job in a corporate 9-5 job with benefits was what I needed.  At least, I did until I was packaged out twice in my last two corporate jobs.  That is when I realized it was now or never to follow my heart and be an entrepreneur!

Being that it’s February and all about love, hearts and passion, I thought I would share 5 Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Being a Virtual Assistant. See if any of these resonate with you about your own path in your business.

  1. Like to be of service. I like to help others have success and grow their business.  When I was in the corporate world, I never felt appreciated no matter what I did or how well I did it.  Now, I offer similar services to my clients that I did when I worked and my clients appreciate everything I do and how I do it.  Knowing that I am able to help alieve my clients of their worries by tackling their ‘To-Do’ lists, so they do not have to worry about all the little things because I’ve got them covered.  I really love that feeling of being valued, which comes with trust.

  2. Creating systems and processes to generate efficiencies. During my corporate experience, I found a niche in finding ways to save time in my job, whether that was developing Macros, process documents and manuals or developing forms to help keep information organized. I was excited with all of it!  Being able to offer this as a service in my business made perfect sense not just because I enjoy doing it, but because many entrepreneurs don’t have their processes written down or choose a system based on what others use. I love being able to hear someone’s problem and have my mind start to consider all options I have to help solve that issue.  To quote a line from the movie The Founder, I built a “Symphony of Efficiency”.

  3. Availability to my family.  After my last corporate position ended, I was faced with the decision to take a job that was further away from home and family or start my own business right from my house.  I chose my children.  Working from home has its perks: I’m able to see my children off to and when they get home from school; I’m right here in case of an emergency; I get to be a ‘chauffer’ to get them to their after school activities; instead of being caught in commuter traffic and I here for dinner and ready to help them with homework.  My family was and continues to be the reason why I work from home even as they get older.  My clients have their needs and wants met, my children and husband get their needs and wants met and I’m able to get my needs and wants met because it’s my business and I do what I love doing!

  4. Helping others provide more for their families.  This may tie into my first point about being of service.  I always say, “I understand” and that’s because I really do!  I know what it’s like to be self-employed and try to do everything yourself.  I know what it’s like to not trust someone to help, as well as what it’s like to not make as much revenue as you were needing that month.  I know because I have lived it, I have and continue to walk in your shoes, so if I can save you the frustration of doing something that I have done myself or I have seen my clients do, I will absolutely do whatever I can to help.  I know I don’t know everything, but if I can help you save time and energy that you can then share with your family, and save you money by finding the right systems for your business that you can spend on your family, then I am committed to doing that for you.

  5. Controlling my destiny.  This resonates throughout my other 4 points.  I have control of how I am of service, over how to find the best efficiencies, and I am in control of how I spend my time -  and hopefully ensure that you are in control of yours!  Whatever I have learned or continue to learn, I bring that knowledge back to you to empower you to have control in your business. I am in charge of my own success as you are of yours and therefore we are able to live a life that we have only dreamed of…think BIG!

I am passionate about my business and if I ever start to lose that passion, I will change what I am doing and evolve my business to a level that inspires and ignites my passion again. I started out like most Virtual Assistants by doing the tasks that I know and learned how to run a business along the way. I have developed my business to offer services that allow me to manage a team of other business owners who are experts in their fields, so they only have to work on the things that ignite their passions.

Every business that I know of has a competitor, so when I say my VA company is different than most VA companies, that’s because I followed my passion and made my business to work the way I want it to work.  I never want to spend another day of my life in ‘work drudgery’, I simply want to do what I am passionate about.  My business can literally come with me anywhere I want it to go!  I am in control of my destiny, are you in control of yours?

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