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Melissa Haddad from Efficient Business Solutions speaks with business owners who support other business owners about the need for virtual assistance. We discuss everything from mindset to preparing for a VA to everything in between.

How Can We Help?  Episode 1

We speak with Julie Gill from Families First Mediation shares why she became a Mediator, CDFA, Separation Coach and so much more. Find out how mediation, mediation-arbitration or arbitration can help you in your separation or family conflict.

Ok Seriously.

On this episode Natasha Jamieson welcomes our Founder of Efficient Business Solutions, Melissa Haddad.  They will be discussing how Melissa expands her clients operational capacity, what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, what Melissa wished she had learned earlier and her desire for rapid elevation. Melissa's philosophy is, she understands your struggles because she is also a business owner.


Dee Boswell-Buck Creative Podcast

“You can't build your empire with just yourself, it's not possible. You will either burn yourself out or you'll lose…hone in on the specialty and the unique qualities and services that you provide your clients. That's your focus. That's why you built your business.” —Melissa Haddad


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