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Our MissionWe (Efficient Business Solutions) value our customers and ensure that we provide value to them by educating the importance of having complete and efficient business operations for their future growth as we continue to assist them in their daily operations.

We can help your business become more efficient, giving you more time and energy to focus on moving your business forward.  As entrepreneurs, we know all about hard work and long hours.  We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their business, by freeing them from their essential, but time-consuming administrative chores.  Giving them time to step back, breathe and refocus their energy into the high-revenue activities.  Melissa works closely with each business owner to build a rapport and get an understanding of their Vision and goals for their future.  After learning all about their business first-hand, Melissa offers solutions.  By then, they trust her capabilities and judgement.  Ultimately, each of these entrepreneurs entrust their administrative tasks to Melissa and our team.  They realize they can still be in control of their business, without having to do every single, little job.  No longer having to go it alone, our clients feel relieved and confident.  They have time for themselves.  And more importantly, quality time to spend with their families.

We invite you to be part of our family and make a wise investment into the future of your business.

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Efficient Business Solutions

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Oshawa, Ontario,
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P: (289) 240-2561
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