Biography / Melissa Haddad Can You Scale Your Business by Letting Go?I can help your business become more efficient, giving you more time and energy to focus on moving your business forward.  As entrepreneurs, we know all about hard work and long hours.  We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done.  Yet it's this joyful willingness to do it all, that keeps us from scaling our business and living life on our terms.  Letting go is the first step.  Letting go of the mundane tasks.  Those tedious, repetitive chores that sap your mental reserves.  And leave you with little time and energy to devote to reaching the full potential of your business.

Choosing to let go can take your business to new heights.  How can I be so sure this solution works…I know, because I lived it.  Here’s what happened to me…

In 2014, happily married to my college sweetheart, with two small children, I was down-sized for the second time.  Rather than face the grind of a daily commute and stressing over my children growing up in daycare, I started my own business.  I turned my 20+ years of corporate administrative experience into a passion for improving the lives of business owners.

My mission was to help entrepreneurs grow their business, by freeing them from their essential, but time-consuming administrative chores.  Giving them time to step back, breathe and refocus their energy into the high-revenue activities.  Life was good.  I worked closely with each business owner.  We built a rapport.  After learning all about their business first-hand, I offered solutions.  By now, they trusted my capabilities… and my judgement.  Ultimately, each of these entrepreneurs entrusted their administrative tasks to me.  They realized they could still be in control of their business, without having to do every single, little job.  No longer having to go it alone, my clients felt relieved and confident.  They had time for themselves.  And more importantly, quality time to spend with their families.  Oh the irony…

You see, at the very same time, I did exactly what I was coaching my clients not to do.  I was stuck.  Stagnant.  My business wasn’t moving.  I worked day and night.  Weekends.  No vacation.  And heaven forbid I should go somewhere without my phone.  You’d think I’d have noticed a problem when my daughter asked ‘Mom, why do you sit at your computer all the time?’…but no.  I mean the whole reason for starting this business was to be there for my children…before and after school, engaged and engaging with them.  But I couldn’t let go.  I wanted to be in control of my business.  Every single inch of it.  I mean this was my baby.  Who could possibly do my work as efficiently as me?

Then, my marriage almost blew apart.  And I finally woke up to reality.  I wasn’t communicating with my husband.  I wasn’t being the mother I wanted to be.  I wasn’t living life to the fullest.  I carried a burden of guilt and shame every step of the way.  With help from my coach, I saw that my choices came from some deeply-held beliefs about ‘having to do it all’.  My coach helped me see.  She helped me pinpoint what was most important to me personally.  And get clear on my vision for my business.  This clarity of both personal and business direction drove me to change my mindset.

For the first time I saw—clearly—the limitations of ‘doing it all yourself’.  With only so many hours in the day and only so much of me to go around… how could I possibly grow my business AND have time for my family without letting something go.  I chose to let go.  To let go of those tasks I prefer not to do and place them in capable hands.  Thanks to my coach, I was able to shift my entire belief system.  And although it’s still a work in progress, I can tell you my marriage is back on solid ground and I’m happier with my business than I’ve ever been.  I’ve gone thinking small and doing everything myself to owning a business that runs itself.  All the systems, processes and team members are in place.  I have confidence go on vacation, take weekends off, even turn off my phone… without one ounce of worry.  Because I trust my team.  They know what to do and can handle any issues that come up.

You can have that peace of mind too.  Letting go is the first step.  But letting go with confidence.  Knowing your business is in good hands.  Being an entrepreneur can be your path to happiness.  To living life on your terms.  And to financial freedom.  I can take you from dreaming about scaling your business, to actually having the time, energy and focus to make it happen.

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