Operations Consulting

At Efficient Business Solutions, we help your prepare for growth.  Every business, no matter the size needs to have standards in place.  As your company evolves and expands, this is the time where having an operations manual will be a very important component to save you and your employee’s time.  Developing your own set of policies and procedure manual so that your business runs smoothly is key as it serves to guide and reinforce the training of new employees.  We will guide you through the process step-by-step to prepare the right manual for your business, helping you with the layout and content, how to procedures, locations of items, contacts and other business-related policies.   Book a consultation with us today for more information. 

Process Manuals

Efficient Business Solutions will help you operationalize your business by providing you options of different systems that are best suited for your business ...
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Google GSuite

Are you currently using an email with an @gmail.com, @rogers.com or @sympatico.com, etc.?  Perhaps you are paying a high premium for a ...
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Online Tools

Efficient Business Solutions uses a variety of online tools for our individual clients.  If you do not have online systems in place, we can provide you ...
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