Operations Consulting

Do you have your systems in place?  Do you have them written down?  If you grew big enough overnight that you could and would need to hire someone onsite whether part-time or full-time, would they be able to jump right in?  Would you have to take time and explain everything to them or would you simply hand them a manual?

At Efficient Business Solutions, we help you prepare for that growth.  You want that growth, we expect that growth and we want to help you get it into place and write it down.

Process Manuals

Do you have systems already in place such as an invoicing system or CRM system?  Do you have multiple systems that do different things such as invoicing, ...
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Google GSuite

Are you using an email with an @gmail.com or @rogers.com or @sympatico.com, etc?  Are you paying a lot of money for a business email address ...
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Online Tools

Efficient Business Solutions has used many online tools for different clients.  If you do not have online systems in place we can provide you options ...
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