“Melissa and MH Virtual Assistant Services are an instrumental piece of growing my business.  Having the comfort that my client inquiries are handled professionally and personally in a timely manner allows me to focus on growth opportunities and servicing my clients.  I get to do what I’m great at…Mediation, leaving Melissa to focus on what she is great at…Client Service and Administration.”
Julie Gill Q.Med, CDFA, Families First Mediation, Whitby, Ontario

"Two words work when working with Melissa (MH Virtual Assistant Services) LIFE SAVER!  She is organized, focused and is always thinking of the best way to help out to fulfill my latest requests.  Melissa is a mom herself, so she gets the struggles of being self-employed and running a business.  At the end of the day none of us can do it all.  Having remote assistance is one of the many keys I tap into to achieve personal success.  I would highly recommend Melissa, to anyone seeking help.  She is always accommodating and will do her best to help you free up the time you need to focus on optimizing your own business assets!  I always feel like she goes above and beyond.  Melissa cares, she is high in responsibility and that is a rare quality found these days in the virtual world.  Cheers Melissa, grateful to have someone like you as part of my team!"
Jennifer Brouwer, Jennifer Brouwer Design, Markham, Ontario

“I’ve been using Melissa Haddad and her company MH Virtual Assistant Services for the last couple months.  We’ve been very happy with her work, she learned quickly what I required, quickly learned the software and has freed me up to earn money and run my business by taking care of the reminding customers of their appointments each day, booking of new jobs, and giving estimates over the phone.  When you call us wanting to book window cleaning and get a quote, Melissa will call you back and provide both a quote and put you in the schedule.  If you want to talk to her just call us and book window cleaning.  She also helped to create and run our social networking campaign.”
Michael Polsky, M&M Professional Window Cleaners, Bowmanville, Ontario

“Melissa (MH Virtual Assistant Services) has been instrumental in helping me to get rid of stress out of my life and let me do the things in my business that I enjoy.  She is enthusiastic and eager to take on any task I throw at her and isn’t bogged down by using any particular type of software which is extremely useful to me since I don’t have the time to learn new software.  Melissa’s ability to make suggestions for changes and improvements to my business practices are a much valued asset.  She is always easy to talk with either by phone or email and will continue to be an amazing member of my team.  Thanks Melissa!”
Lucienne Van Langen, Luminary Design, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Melissa (MH Virtual Assistant Services) transferred my contacts to my new CRM system with ease.  She is easy to approach and thinks of ways to help me save time.”
Lisa Canning, Lisa Canning Interiors, Toronto, Ontario

"Melissa's (MH Virtual Assistant Services) genuine desire to help other businesses grow shines through in her great attitude and willingness to go the extra mile."
Tracy Turberfield, SmartMitts, Oshawa, Ontario

"I am very excited to get started using Melissa (MH Virtual Assistant Services) as my new VA (Virtual Assistant).  Her enthusiasm for making my company succeed puts a brand new fire under me."
John Riley, Riley's Window Cleaning, Toronto, Ontario

"I see the value in how (Melissa) treats what she does as a business, how pleasant she is on the phone, how great her grammar is and I don't have to be embarrassed in front of my clients, how quick she is to grasp everything, how efficient she is, how she comes up with great ideas for pop by gifts, how well versed she is in social media and much more."               Alina Spector, Re/Max Premier, Thornhill, Ontario