Families First Mediation is a family mediator.  Julie Gill helps "Make Difficult Conversations Easier", located in Whitby, Ontario.  Efficient Buisness Solutions (EBS) has provided Families First Mediation (FFM) with Administrative, Scheduling and Appointment Confirmation services.  EBS has provided FFM a way of capturing more clientele by answering the telephone and ensuring prospective clients have someone to speak to who can answer their questions.  This has allowed FFM be able to focus on conducting appointments with existing clients.

Rileys' Cleaning Services, operating as Rileys' Window Cleaning is Toronto's Premier Window Cleaners for over 60 years.  It was started in 1956 and is currently run by John Riley the son of original owner.  It is a family run business who serves residential and commerical clients throughout Toronto with a tradition of exceptional customer service and top notch window cleaning.  Rileys' provides various services such as window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, countertop restoration, deck cleaning, screen repairs and even eavestrough cleaning.