About Efficient Business Solutions

Efficient Business Solutions builds relationships.  We understand how important your clients and future clients are to your business.  Everyone you connect with are either future clients or people who will connect you to your future clients and you have to maintain engagement with everyone.  How do you do that?   YOU don’t…we do, on your behalf.  

Our core value is to woo over people.  What does that actually mean?   It means we will go out of our way to make lasting connections.  For you, this means when a prospective client calls to inquire about your services and we answer the call, we will relate to those clients and hopefully win them over for them to feel they only want you and your business and not your competitor.  The rest up to you!

When you become a Efficient Business Solutions client, you will be able to get the full service with administrative assistance for your small business.  We will help you strategize, organize and utilize your time more efficiently.  We guarantee you will be able to take a day off or take a vacation with your family and your evenings and weekends will be yours again.

We help you focus on your goals.  With our help, you will be able to see what you can take off your plate and put onto ours.  We provide a collaborative approach, we believe this is a partnership and we will strategize with you to ensure you get the best results.

You are a SUCCESS!   You have started a company and you are making money.  Efficient Business Solutions will help you maintain that success and grow your business even more, by focusing on your needs and coming up with strategies, we are successful when you are successful!   We will also help you document your systems and processes to prepare you for when you need to hire someone permanently.

Efficient Business Solutions is located in Oshawa and we provide support to many of the Durham Region's small businesses.  We have had clients in Bowmanville, Oshawa, Brooklin, Whitby and Pickering.  We have also had clients in the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and in other Provinces like Saskatchewan.  Efficient Business Solutions assists clients from across Ontario and the rest of Canada.


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